Hypothetically Asked Questions, or HAQ.
This would be where I answer all your questions, if anyone had any questions^^

Why HAQ?
Cuz FAQ looks too much like fag (thank you ever so much, ryan for pointing that out.. ^^;;) and cuz no one has asked any questions. Hmph.
Can I use your images?
Err.. which ones? Most aren't mine, and the ones that are you wouldn't wanna steal, now would you? Actually I don't care, the only ones I have any claim to are most of the b&w manga ones, and if you want those, sure. But like.. a link? Puhleeze? Actually I've seen my scans other places and I know they were mine cuz of the filenames and shtuff.. *sniffle* I'm underappreciated. No one cares about the lil Impy.
How about anything else?
Geez, give 'em an inch and they want the entire enchilada. (pssst, that's and they'll take a mile... *oops!*) Um.. no. Cuz while it's not much, the writing and edited pics are miiiiiine. Hmph.
Why are you so.. weird?
Cuz I am. Wall candy as a child? I think not. I just have an over abundance of imagination.
Can you scan me some manga pics? I'll sell you my soul!
Oh! Soul. Ooh, hand it over. *takes the soul* I shoulda been a villian. And of course for the small price of that soul and a link. That's all it takes. Unless it's just for your personal use then a link is no use to me. ^_^
Why does your page look so bad?
*eyes well up with tears and she cries* You meanie! I spent all this time working and you can't say anything more constructive than bad? I don't like you. Go away, but I'm keeping your soul!
Okay, okay, why did you make this shrine any way?
*sniffles* Are you sorry?
Yes, yes, I'm sorry. Now, why?
*looks hopeful* are you sure you're sorry?
YES! Now, answer my question!
*cuddles the soul*
*pokes* WHY?!?
Oh... didn't you read the why section? Bah. I decided that Minako, as Sailorvenus any way, wasn't properly represented on the web. Well, she has some beautiful sites that I couldn't ever top, but a lot of them had reached their most beautiful form and had begun to die. Or not update any way, and I was itching to do a shrine and I reallllly didn't want to do a comicbook one cuz that's an awful lot of backstory to go through, and I am currently in my SM fixation, soooooo, I looked over the Venus shrines on the 'pike and thought to a good 5/8ths of them "ick! I could do better than that." So I set out to do it. And I think I'm on my way to suceeding.
Why Look Out Venus?
Why not? I admit that it's just not spiffy for people to like the Spice Girls, but I do, and that song is so.. cute. Besides, it's the only name I ever considered for the site. So you'd better like it!
Where were you in 2000? Lov had an awful lot of troubles/downtime/static [cling]?
Financial woes hit my household. The phone, the cable, the car... the van. lots of stuff went. The van is still MIA.. anyway, I had no access to update LOV. Fear not though, as of this mini update, I plan on bringing you even more insanity. Well, maybe you should be afraid of that...
Why am I, the HAQ, sooooo popular?
*cough* Your unending modesty, dahling. Your modesty...
Uh-uh-uuuuhhhhh. That was not formed as a quueeestion!
Why does LoV not get updated as often as it used to? Don't you love us anymore?
Of course I love my widdle LoV webbie! *hugs it* But I'm currently not as obsessive about Minako as I used to be [rather, I'm full blown Charmed addict.] Do I still love Minako? Yes. Do I still love working on Lov? Yes. Do I have as many ideas? Not really. ;_;
So does that mean you'll be abandoning LoV or putting her [yes, she's a her] on Hiatus/Closed to Update status?
Hell no! I still love this website, and I will continue to update, add, tweak, and adore it until I feel it's completely finished. Right now it's not finished, not even close. I have so many things to add just based on facts, let alone opinions and stuff like that. So LoV may go through dry spells, but the easiest way for that to end is for you, the visitor, to email me.
I see that you linked something to that Charmed comment. Why? What site will pop up when I click? Will I get in trouble if my parents are looking when I click?
First of all, you're a HAQ. You don't have parents. Second, it's a link to The Sisters Three Message Board, where I'm a moderator. We encourage opinions, and actually, a lot of Charmed fans seem to be anime fans as well. So go sign up! /end shameless plug.
o_O;; You're my momma?
Shush, you! Back on topic...
Why are some of your galleries now in thumbnails and some aren't?
Cuz when I first set out I didn't have the desire to make thumbnails and I like the text links. I might go back and redo the galleries so you have a choice, but I wouldn't be holding my breath on it.
Why not?
Cuz I'm lazy, and no one has complained.
Oh. Why no sibling sites?
I'm far to humble and shy and shtuff.
Shy? Online? YOU? HA!
Oh screw you too pal. No, I'm not really part of.. whatever SM community it is people talk about. But I did get two siblings. ^^ ! *sniffles cuz this HAQ is now laughing at her*
Awwww... don't cry, Impy. I'll be your friend.
You can't be my friend. You're a HAQ. And this is the end.